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Peery Family // Oklahoma City Lifestyle Photographer


Erica was one of the first photographers I met when I moved here to St Louis. Our love of film photography instantly brought us together. I’ll always be grateful for photography and the way it brings people together. Be sure to check out her work here.

Interested in documenting your everyday life inside your own home? Shoot me an email at to inquire about availability and pricing.











scenes of summer

This last month marked our one year since moving to St Louis. Never in my life did I think I would live in the midwest, but I’m so grateful Bruce and I made the decision to come here! We’ve fallen in love with all the beautiful parks, the unique architecture, and my personal favorite-the delicious food.

Taken on a Mamiya 645AF & Yashica Mat 124G on a mix of Fuji 400H & Portra 400.

Scanned & Developed by theFINDlab

summer001 summer003 summer004 summer005 summer006 summer008 summer009 summer010 summer011 summer012 summer013 summer014


i absolutely love photographing people doing things they’re passionate about. these beautiful girls are dance majors at the university of utah. it was so incredible to watch them dance. it’s so fascinating to me, probably because i can’t for the life of me do it.
HUGE thank you to natalie who made it happen, my dear friend kirstin roper for coming along and shooting some images as well, and of course the three other dancers!
hope you all enjoy.