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devan & dallin formal session

these two got married this past week and are right this second enjoying their honeymoon in the caribbean.
gah, i’m so jealous! 
i just adore these two. probably because they remind me a lot of my husband and i. so therefore i felt like i could be my crazy self when i was around them. thanks you guys for putting up with me and politely laughing when i was trying to be funny. 


i absolutely love photographing people doing things they’re passionate about. these beautiful girls are dance majors at the university of utah. it was so incredible to watch them dance. it’s so fascinating to me, probably because i can’t for the life of me do it.
HUGE thank you to natalie who made it happen, my dear friend kirstin roper for coming along and shooting some images as well, and of course the three other dancers!
hope you all enjoy.