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seriously, if you’re wanting eyelash extensions-or anything to do with hair-
check out my good friend emily bartholomew.
i got eyelash extensions from her for a few months last year, and have been missing them
ever since the day i got them taken off. she does an amazing job.
shoot me a message if you want her contact info.
thanks to emily’s beautiful cousin for modeling for us!

afternoon with kirstin & suli

yesterday i was able to spend the afternoon with two of my favorite people: kirstin & suli.
kirstin is the genius behind my engagement and wedding photos.
i just love watching kirstin & suli interact. she’s really one of the best moms i’ve met. 
she’s also super awesome at decorating, as you can see in these photos.
thank you kirstin for allowing me to photograph you and your precious little suli!